Special Switchers

The 4PSSMT is a state-of-the-art smart video switcher. This unit automatically detects the presence or absence of video on any camera input channel. When video is present, the switcher automatically includes that camera in the switching sequence. When video is lost from any camera channel, that camera is excluded from the switching sequence.
The 4PSSMT is sequenced only by an external camera switcher pulse supplied by the JP4000H Time Lapse VCR or other type VCR. This pulse from the VCR is asserted low every time the VCR records a picture on tape. This signal controls the switcher to sequence to the next available camera. For the 4PSSMT to function properly, line locked and properly V-phased cameras are required. This means the vertical interval of each camera must occur at the same time. If this phasing is not properly done, the monitor will roll or jump when a new camera is sequenced. A poor or unusable recorded picture may also be present on tape.
All AVE Switchers are CCIR/PAL Compatible!

The new DuoPage Switcher from AVE turns any quad compressor into a sequencing "DuoQuad". This unique switcher accepts 8 camera inputs and switches between two banks of 4 cameras to your existing quad compressor. Expanding your existing quad system becomes simple and affordable-without purchasing a second quad unit or an expensive "DuoQuad". The DuoPage Switcher has 8 camera inputs and 4 camera outputs. When you select page 1, the DuoPage switcher routes cameras 1 thru 4 to inputs 1 thru 4 on the quad compressor. When you select page 2, the DuoPage switcher then routes cameras 5 thru 8 to inputs 1 thru 4 on the quad compressor. A front panel toggle switch allows homing to either bank 1 or bank 2, or sequencing between the two banks. A recessed front panel control adjusts the dwell time of the pages from .5 seconds to 30 seconds. Individual homing of cameras can be done normally through the quad, when the appropriate page of camera inputs is selected.

4 Position Switcher for Toshiba KV-5168/KV-6200 VCR

American Video Equipment's 4 Position Microprocessor Based Video Switcher for the Toshiba Kv-5168/KV-6200 Time Lapse Video Cassette Recorder is a programmable, multifunctional smart switcher which accesses the communication lines of the Toshiba VCR, enabling it to overlay characters on a video monitor using the VCR's display functions. It is a slide-in PCB easily installed in the rear of the VCR, with 5 BNC connectors (4 video inputs, 1 video output) and an 8 pin din connector for the supplied programming remote control.


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