Master Time & Date Systems

AVE's Master Time & Date Generator will put the exact T/D information on any number of cameras of a CCTV system. The system is configured in 16 cards on one 19"W X 5 1/4"H rack. Any number of racks can be cascaded. The system consists of one MTDCT-PCB Master Module and any number of slave modules, which are bussed together via ribbon cable (RB-16) with tap PCB edge connectors. The racks are interconnected via the RB-INT interconnect cable, sold separately.

The rack has a back mounting plate for all modules. Power to all modules is brought to a terminal strip where the user will supply a 12VDC power supply to power the racks. Each fully loaded rack will draw 2.1 Amps at 12VDC with a recommended power supply of 3 Amps.
The programming buttons will be on the Master. Each slave can have a control for different gray scale, optical border or independent position depending on the slave module purchased. A 40 character master ID title will also be available which will be displayed on each camera at the same time, if selected. The rack will be AVE's RACK-BP with a hinged front door.
The Master Module is not available with the new reduced size characters. When using the uSTDCT or uSVHTDCT slave modules, remember the master will not have the small characters.


The BTDCT-PCB is a buffer/amplifier PCB used with Master Time Date systems of 100 channels or more. One BTDCT-PCB is needed for every 100 channels.

This is an adapted VSI PCB that is a Master Module for the system. RS-232 data is inserted into every slave PCB on the system. See VSI section for more specifications.
Typical 48 Camera System
Front and Rear Views

Master TDCT rack system buss cable. Connects up to 16 TDCT-PCBs together.

Interconnect multiple TDCT rack RB-16 cables together when using more than 16 channels. Example: 1 RB-INT is needed for 2 racks of 16 TDCT-PCB's

This cable is used with the BTDCT-PCB in MTDCT systems with 100 or more channels
Master Time & Date Slave PCB's

Each slave will have a control for a different gray scale of the characters and opaque border jumper selectable per camera. The position of the T/D will be identical to the master. The standard display is 14 video lines on the STDCT-PCB.


The character height of the uSTDCT-PCB allows the user to select four different character sizes via jumpers on the PCB. The height is selectable between 7 or 14 video lines, and the width is standard full width or half width, independent for each camera. Each slave will have a control for a different gray scale of the characters and opaque border jumper selectable per camera. The position of the T/D will be the same as the master.

The uSVHTDCT-PCB allows the user to independently adjust gray scale, four character sizes and opaque border. It also includes two additional controls to position the T/D independently on each camera.

Master/Slave Specifications
  • Video Input (BNC)...... 1VP-P Terminated
  • Video Output (BNC)...... 1V P-P Terminated

  • ......2V P-P Unterminated
  • Power ( DC Coax)...... 9 - 12 VDC
  • 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm...... 130mA
  • Battery Backup (NiCad)...... 90 Days

  • ......with 24 hr. charge
  • Mechanical...... PCB (3.3"W x 4.3"Lx 6"H)
  • Clock Accuracy...... Better than +/- 20 ppm
  • Date...... Month, Day, Year, Day of Week
  • Time...... Hours, Minutes, Seconds, AM/PM
  • Title...... 2 lines of 20 characters max.

  • .......A-Z, 0-9,?,!,',., (blank)
  • Display...... White to Black (8 levels)

  • ......Gray Matte (jumper selectable)
    ......T/D Only or Title or both
  • Transformer...... 9 VDC @ 250 mA min.

  • ......UL Rated with 6' cord &plug
  • Video S/N...... better than 52 dB
  • Video BW...... better than 7 Mhz
  • Warranty...... One year Parts and Labor

How to order a Master Time/Date/Titling system from AVE.
For this example, let's order a Master Time/Date system. First, determine the number of Video channels we will need. In this case we'll say it's 16.

We'll need 1 Master Time/Date board for our system and this counts as one channel. This would be (1) MTDCT-PCB

This leaves 15 slave channels.
Determine the features needed from the AVE slave boards available.
Standard slave board with normal size characters.
Slave board with four character sizes.
Slave board with four character sizes, and independent horizontal and vertical display positioning.

Remember, the Time/Date display from the master will appear in the same place on each slave module unless you order the uSVHTDCT-PCB slave boards. The uSVHTDCT-PCB allows for independent positioning of each channels display; however, it references the slave's text position from the master's text position.

We decide that we need the ability to move each camera's display independently of the Master TDCT. For our other 15 channels we will use the uSVHTDCT-PCB.
Our order now is:

Now we need to order the RACK Mount to house the 16 PCB's. There are two choices:
RACK-OF & RACK-BP. Both racks hold 16 cards each. The RACK-OF is a 16 card rack with a hinged door and an open frame. If you order this one you will need to order seperate power supplies for each board.
The RACK-BP is a 16 card rack with a hinged door and a backplane with all power connectors for each PCB bussed to a terminal block. You will need a Power supply that provides a minimum of 3 amps (not supplied).

Let's order the RACK-BP. Our order now is:

The last component we need is the ribbon buss which connects all 16 cards together. This is the RB-16. So our equipment list for a 16 channel Master/Slave
Time/Date system is
1-MTDCT-PCB       15-uSVHTDCT-PCB 1-RACK-BP       1-RB-16


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