Sync Generator and Reverse Video

SG-2- Two Channel Sync Generator
The SG-2 outputs two independent channels of 1V P-P composite video to drive any two 75 ohm terminated video inputs. The gray scale of the video signal is adjustable from white to black. One control adjusts both channels identically. The SG-2 is a versatile device and can operate from the included 110VAC UL/CSA wall transformer or 9-12VDC. Many CCTV products require a composite video input, usually from a camera, to be operational. With many quad units, when no video is present, patterns are displayed in the unused quad. The SG-2 can supply this unused quad a flat field of video so inserted text is readable. The SG-2 can be the source for a VART system allowing multiplexing of up to 15 alarms down a single coax cable. If just Time & Date is desired to be displayed on a visible monitor, the SG-2 and a TDCT and monitor can implement that function. A VSI connected to a computer, fed by the SG-2 to a monitor, can be an information terminal or menu display for a fast food restaurant. An internal jumper selects either RS-170A or CCIR.
SG-2 sync generator
RVID Reverse Video Adapter
The RVID adapter accepts a standard 1V p-p RS-170A or NTSC composite video signal as input. The adapter, when selecting reverse, inverts the video portion of the composite signal and remixes it back with the standard burst and sync signals. This allows digitizing equipment to sample a video signal with better resolution. A switch is supplied to route the normal signal to the output or the reverse signal upon selection. CCIR/PAL version available upon special order.

Input:..... 1V P-P RS-170A, NTSC, or CCIR via BNC 75 ohm terminated
Output..... IV P-P into 75 ohm terminated or unterminated load BNC
Power:..... 9 VDC @ 100mA , DC Coax Connector 2.1mm x 5.5mm
BW:..... better than 7MHz 1 dB down
S/N:..... better than 50 dB



Software Products

IC Inter Communications
This is a public domain communications program for PC computers using MS-DOS. This program gives the user full access to COM1 or COM2 ports on the computer. Files can be transmitted or received from disk or data dumps along with many other features. Software for IBM-PC\XT\AT compatibles - use with VSI for ease of communication. Requires available serial port and min. 128K RAM. Comes in 3.5 inch disk format.

REROUTE LPT Data to Com Port
A simple TSR program that reroutes printer data from LPT1 or 2 to either COM1 or 2. This program is used on PCs or PC based cash registers to be compatible with the VSI. Requires DOS 5.0 or higher.


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