Special Camera Titlers

MT79 Title Camera ID PCB
The MT79 accepts a video input and can display up to 79 different titles from memory on the video picture. Each title can consist of up to 10 alphanumeric characters, independent on-screen position and gray scale. The title can be programmed from the front panel controls or by RS-232 commands. The displayed title can be selected via 8 bit parallel or RS-232 commands. In the 8 bit parallel mode, 7 bits are used for title selection, the 8th is an enable bit. This enable bit allows for cascading any number of MT79s for increased titling capability. This product can easily add camera titling to older matrix or stand alone switchers.
MT-79 Camera Titler

MT-79 Camera Titler

VSI-ADD Addressable
The VSI-ADD requires an addressing command to enable the unit to listen to text insertion commands from a host controller. This enables many VSI-ADDs to be connected in parallel on one RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 data link and be controlled by one or more host controllers. An internal dipswitch sets the address which allows up to 255 units to be on a single node. All the standard commands are available on the VSI-ADD similar to the standard VSI. See VSI section for detailed specifications.

VIDCNT- Video Counter
The VIDCNT contains a Time/Date generator along with a 3 or 7 digit on-screen counter. This counter is incremented or decremented by a contact closure to ground with a 200ms debounce. The count can be reset by front panel controls. The T/D is battery backed for 90 days. The on-screen position, gray scale will revert to the factory default upon power loss and the count will be reset to zero. The VIDCNT 7 is available in a 5ms debounce for counting fields of video or other high speed signals.
VIDCNT-Video Counter

On-screen T/D counter

VSI+ Mouse
The VSI+Mouse is a powerful on-screen pointing device for all types of medical, industrial and security uses. The small compact unit supports connection to any standard PC Mouse. The included gender changer allows for a direct connection to the rear of the VSI+Mouse. On-screen titling and cursor positioning is achieved via the buttons on the mouse with on-screen interaction. The cursor can be quickly changed from an arrow to a box by simple mouse controls. Cursor positioning can be achieved anywhere on-screen via block positioning.
  • Nine Types of Cursors
  • Adjustable Mouse Resolution
  • Adjustable Block Positioning
  • Selectable Cursor Gray Scale
  • On-screen titling
circuit board

On-screen display

mouse with cable

Optional Mouse and Gender Changer


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