Video Overlay

VOB - Video Overlay Box
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The American Video Equipment VOB devices extract the data from terminal CRT monitors and overlay this signal on a genlocked camera source. An adapter is connected between the terminal and the monitor. A 2' cable is then brought out of the terminal and is connected to the VOB. The VOB supplies genlocking signals to the camera and accepts the video input from the camera. The VOB then outputs the composite video signal with the overlaid text on it to the CCTV monitor. The typical application for this type of product is video drive thru windows where the actual register data is displayed for the customer.

NOTE: Due to non NTSC or RS-170A signals coming from terminal monitors, the video signal may not be recordable on some VCR's. Only certain cameras are guaranteed to work with the following 2 products.

VOB/Comp - Positran II
Composite monochrome 1V P-P video. Most standard CGA/Monochrome P.C. video cards can be configured to output the screen display in a composite form. Most externally sync locked cameras will work. This signal is recordable on any standard or Time Lapse VCR.

VOB/IBM- IBM Custom Terminal
PS2 based, w/60hz, 15Khz TTL monitor, DB-15 High Density connector. Recommended camera: JVC TK880/TK980.


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