TCPIP232 Client Server

The TCPIP232 Client Server Interface is designed to deliver POS / Cash Register Transaction Data to a compatible DVR over an existing Ethernet LAN connection with in several configurations and protocols. The Client Mode receives the POS data directly or via the AVE RS-485 Network and sends via LAN. The Server Mode can receive this data via the LAN and output RS-232 to the DVR for single POS or the VSI-ADD protocol.

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P2RS -Pro

The P2RS-Pro contains all the features of the P2RS but also includes the AVE RS-485 Networking ability called the RegCom or Vnetworker Protocol. This allows up to 16 units to connected in daisy chain and deliver all the data to a compatible DVR with a Hydra or VSI-Pro Max as the Master unit. The P2RS-Pro also contains another special UART to handle special serial protocols for non standard POS / Cash Register communications like the Gilbarco Passport. Programming is done via any laptop running any communications program and supports firmware updating as well.

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  The Regcom is an interface device that allows the connection of multiple cash register terminals to a master unit for the purpose of transaction logging. The Regcom is a “slave” device and can connect directly to a VSI-Pro, Interface Adapter, P2RS, TCP232 or ECR card. One master device called the “Hydra” can be connected to a maximum of 16 slave devices.

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The Hydra is an interface device that allows the connection of multiple cash register terminals using the Regcom/Networker/Vnetworker slave units for the purpose of transaction logging.The Hydra receives RS-485 data from the Regcom/Networker/ Vnetworker networks and converts this to an RS-232 format that DVRs or the VSI-Pro can read.

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The Vnetworker connects inbetween a VSI-Pro and the Cash Register via RS-232. The Vnetworker is similar to the Networker and Regcom which take the RS-232 data and put it on a common RS-485 network and send back to a DVR or PC. This network supports up to 64 Vnetworkers. The Vnetworker is an enhanced version of the Networker and is able to program the VSI-Pro remotely along with gathering the transaction or exception data. The VSI-Pro must be Ver. 13.00 or 13.24 and Release 12 or higher. Any VSI-Pro Ver. 13.00 or 13.24 can be upgraded with a uP software change for the hardware of the VSI-Pro remains the same.

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The RS-485 Networker is designed to convert the RS-232 serial port output of the VSI-Pro to be a poll / select network. This allows the exceptions or all the data to be collected by one computer or DVR for up to 64 VSI-Pros.

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