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VSI-Pro Max

The VSI-Pro Max is the latest in the evolution of the popular VSI line of POS / Cash Register Interfaces from AVE. The VSI-Pro Max, now with larger memory space can hold ALL the AVE Interfaces in one unit with full remote PC or DVR programming for selection and setups and onsite firmware updating. New video processing circuitry allows use with new WDR cameras and low video of commonly used UTP adapters. Built in RS-232, RS-485, Passive and the new Opto-Isolated selection, gives complete isolation from the POS/Cash Register from the video system. Internal 40 Mhz operation allows for combining the Networking functions of the Hydra, Regcom, Networker or Vnetworker within one convenient unit with looping RJ45s for a seemless solution for multiple till configuration.

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/ V1400R16


VSI-Pro Max 8

The VSI-Pro Max 8 is an 8 channel POS / Cash Register Interface in one convenient unit which can be table top or 19” rack mounted. Simple programming of all the internal channels is done from the four front panel pushbuttons. Individual video inputs and outputs plus data output support connectivity with any DVR. This unit can be expanded up to 16 units with another VSI-Pro Max 8 or individual VSI-Pro Max to accommodate any size installation. Common PC Programming software is included to program all channels from one convenient RS-232 connection.

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The VSI-Pro is an excellent tool for controlling inventory shrinkage and loss prevention. When interfaced between a POS or Cash Register and DVR, it overlays the register’s transaction data onto the video picture to get the complete picture of every transaction. The VSI-Pro can also export the formatted data to a compatible Text Search DVR. The 24 programmable exceptions provide on-screen alerts, making the finding of suspicious transactions fast and simple. When used in conjunction with the AVE line of DVRs, remote or local search can be done for any transaction, amount or T/D.

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Software Model Download :
V1300 / V1324
V1310R1 / V1310R3 / V1310R4
V1334R1 / V1334R2 / V1334R3

VSI-Pro Dual

The VSI-Pro Dual is more professional method of installation when using two VSI-Pro for one installation with a single power supply. This unit can have 2 PC VSI-Pro or one VSI-Pro and one VSIB. Rear connections are the same as the VSI-Pro and all standard cables are compatible.

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VSI-Pro Mini and Mini RG

VSI-Pro Mini and Mini RG maintain all The RS232 VSI-Pro features and and all features of RG2RS but adds an additional UART so two devices can be displayed on the screen simultaneous like Laser Gun and GPS. The board is designed on compact size and cost effectiveness. This is only offered as PCB level for OEM integration.

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VSI-Special (VSI-Radar)

The VSI-Special is a stand alone text inserter that will insert the speed readings of most Radar or Laser Speed guns, GPS, Card Readers, G-Force Detectors, Alcohol Breathilyzers, scales, coin counters and laptops into the video picture of a standard video camera. The VSI-Special has a video in which comes from the camera and a video output that goes to the recording or display device.

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The VSIB is an additional box used only with the VSI-Pro to display Chinnese (Big5), Korean or Thai language characters. Since a bitmapped programmable font set, it can be configured for any language so contact the factory for additional language support.

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The VSI-Pro IBM is an especially designed interface to connect to the RS-485 port of any IBM POS terminal. This device can read either the receipt, journal or customer display data and display in the video and export the data in formatted RS-232 to be delivered to the DVR for database storage. 4 Pin or 16 Pin cables are available for rear connections with direct or tap mode. Interfacing is also included for tap and emulate of RS-232 printers or customer displays for newer models.

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The RegCom-IBM is standalone unit for interfacing to IBM SDL RS-485 ports of any IBM POS Terminal and outputs the data in formatted RS-232. This data can be connected to a VSI-Pro-Max or VSI-Pro or direct to a Text Search compatible DVR. This device can handle large buffer and data packets common for some 3rd party vendor software.

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UART Daughter board


The AVE UART daughter board can be added to either the VSI-Pro Max or VSI-Pro. This UART is fully compatible with the standard 16550 UART and supports all modes including 7 bit no parity which is common for Gilbarco Passport POS. Simply plug in the daughter board internally to the VSI-Pro Max R17 or higher, VSI-Pro V13.00 R27, V13.10 R1 or higher and the software will recognize and use this UART for the register port. An added benefit to the VSI-Pro Max is that by adding the UART board you can operate the Max as a Master and still have full emulate functions on the register port. For the VSI-Pro this adds full emulate functions on the register port and still allows the formatted ASCII to be sent to a DVR.


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