Foreign and domestic goverments and private contractors worldwide depend on the DS-1PL to secure areas with people or vehicles. Powerful and sophisticated, its straightforward design allows for quick installation and set-up.
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Unit Configuration
The DS-1PL can be configured to operate in 1 of 5 different modes:
Motion Detection, Motionless Detection, Direction Detection, PTZ Modes and Museum Mode.

5 Different Operation Modes

-Motion Detection-1 to 8 Zone for Perspective Detection or Independent Zone Detection

-Motionless Detection-1 to 8 Zones

-Direction Detection- Up to 4 Directions

-Museum Mode

-PTZ- Compatible Mode

Motion Detection Parameters
A zone pattern grid overlays the video image when setting up motion detection. Each of the blocks on this grid can be independently turned on or off. This creates inactive areas where motion detection is not needed, and active areas where one of up to 8 separate sets of motion detection (A-H) are assigned according to the following settings:

Tracking settings reduce false alarms from transient, high speed or unwanted motion.
This prevents false alarms from, for example, lightning or birds flying through the scene.

Size settings allow for alarming based on a minimum and maximum required object size.
This allows the unit to reliably distinguish between, for example, people and animals.

Sensitivity settings compensate for low-light or low-contrast situations.
This assures reliable operation in a variety of lighting conditions.

Viewing Modes
The DS-1PL offers several viewing modes that reduce viewing fatigue and facilitate the assessment of on-screen information:

Trace Mode outlines moving objects with a "sparkle effect," and is available in three variations:
Normal Trace Mode; Memory/F,Memory/S,Memory/A,Memory/AS, which allows trace to accumulate on-screen; and Trace/Flash, which shows the trace as a flashing overlay, allowing viewing of the underlying scene,Memory S ,AS outlines moving targets in strobe mode.

Blackout Mode leaves screen black, except during alarms, thus reducing viewing fatigue.

Blackout and Trace Modes can be combined, to show only a black background overlayed with the trace caused by movement in the scene.

Motion Detection Set-Up
Special on-screen indicators help determine optimal motion detection settings for each application:

Pixel Count shows the number of pixels being "violated"-that is, how much motion is being detected.
This number changes with the activity in the video scene, thus allowing the operator to see what kinds of activity does and does not cause an alarm.

Alarm Count by Zone displays a continuous update of the number of alarms for each active zone.


- Analyzes video at the pixel level.

- Blue screen and audible alarm on Video Loss.

- 262,144 detection points.

- Day/Night Mode, can be triggered by external device or Timer

- Asynchronous; requires no external synchronization.

- Buzzer settings for alarm and proximity detection.


- Global Form C Relay alarm output. and independent TTL output per zone

- Non-volatile EEPROM backup memory.

- NTSC/RS-170A, PAL/CCIR, and SECAM versions available.

- 12-character camera titling.

* Firmware updatable via RS-232 port

* DS LAN adapter available

* DSVMD Programming Software included

Unit Configurations

Motion/Motionless Detection Parameters
Motion detection criteria can be programmed and independently assigned to any block or blocks of the on-screen zone pattern grid.
Size settings, 1 -65,535 pixels.
Sensitivity settings, 0 to 100.
Tracking settings, 0 to 8 seconds, in 0.1 second increments.

Zone Pattern Grid: 288 zones (NTSCor PAL)

Video Format: 1 V P-P, 75 ohm termination. NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. +/-20%

Video Input/Output: Video loop-through output.

Alarm output time: 0-99 seconds.

Backup memory: Non-volatile EEPROM memory.

Power: 7-15VDC 3.3W Max via 2.1mmx5.5mm DC Power Jack

12VDC @ 160mA Nominal

12VDC @ 220mA when Alarming and Buzzer sounding

Temperature: -20C - 120F / -15 C - 50C

Size: 4.5" x 1.5." x 6.7"

Weight: 1 lb. /.46 Kg

2-Year warranty.


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