Camera and Monitors 

Windshield Mount Camera

The Windshield Camera is included 5 buttons to control camera directly on the back such zoom in, zoom out, focus far, focus near and menu. This buttons will allow customer to programe camera to proper application.

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The new Prosecutor 30X Optical AutoFocus Zoom camera offers supreme image quality utilizing a Sony CCD imager. .5 Lux Day and .05 Lux Night sensitivity with 52 dB S/N at 480 TVL of resolution give clarity in all applications. Rear large buttons allow for manual Zoom In/Out and Focus Near/Far plus a Menu button for WB, AGC, Shutter Speed, and Auto Focus Selections. This new camera works with all Prosecutor systems and a great upgrade for night usage.

Weatherproof Camera

This Camera also included 5 buttons to comtrol camera as the same windshiled camera and weatherproof camera housing for outdoor application.

Weatherproof Monitor
Weatherproof Monitor with 4 LCD monitor designed for in cab or outdoor mounting.


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